Artisans 2019

Jim Aquilani - Silversmith


Ruth Aquilani -  Knitting, Quilts & Fiber Art


Arnold Blumbergs - Etchings, Lino Cuts

Janice Brydges - Felting

Nancy Barnes - Fine Art - Painting


Mary Carr-Chaisson - Pin-Hole      Photography & Encaustic


Brenda Creighton - Quilts


Wayne Crouse - Fine Art - Photography


Sinikka Dixon - Loom Weaving

Wilna Clark- Gerami - Fine Art - Painting

Susan Harrison - Fused Glass & Mixed Media


Sandy Kerr - Celtic Mats & Soapstone Carvings


Terry KerrBraided Rugs, Children's Books, & Wine Glass Wraps   


Peter Krauskopf - Pottery & Fine Art - Painting


Helene LaRouche - Silk Painting

Mary Maclean - Fine Art - Painting


Linda McCausland - Paper Making, Fiber Art,  Hand Dyed Handspun Wool                                

Carla Morgan - Woodworking

Corinne Morrison-Morton - Knitting & Quilting

Lynn Nimtz - Fiber Art & Encaustic Painting


Nancy Oakes - Off Loom Bead Weaving


Nancy Perkins - Fine Art - Painting


Judy Perry - Fine Art - Painting

Betty Pollard - Herbal, Flax Bags & Weighted Blankets


Ina Proeber - Artisan Jams


Cheryl Richards - Fine Art - Painting


Dagny Rossignol - Fine Art - Painting

& Photography


Mary Shumate - Pottery


Michael Shumate - Prints & Fine Art - Painting


Kathy Stewart - Photography


Lorraine Vatcher - Fine Art - Painting


Margaret Wailes - Fine Art - Painting


Sid Watts - Woodworking

Some of Our Members

1st Row Left to Right:

Student - Chelsea VanKeymeulen, Mary Carr-Chaisson, Terry Kerr, Kathy Stewart, Leah Borchert, Wilna Clark-Gerami

2nd Row: 

Carla Morgan, Brenda Creighton, Lynn Nimtz, Sinikka Dixon, Susan Harrison


3rd Row:

Nancy Barnes, Margaret Wailes, Cheryl Richards, Linda McCausland, Janice Brydges, Betty Pollard, Judy Perry

4th Row: 

Sandy Kerr, Peter Krauskoph, Sid Watts, Bev Baird,

Nancy Oakes

Wilna Clark-Gerami - Fine Art

Janice Brydges - Felting

Linda McCausland - Paper Making

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