Claire Nantes

Claire Nantes has found a new outlet for her creativity.  After a long career as an award-winning broadcast journalist with CBC, followed by communications work with the Canadian Cancer Society, acrylics and watercolours have become her new media. 


“I love to play in my studio," she says. "Time slips away when I am painting and I lose myself in what I’m doing. I now have a greater appreciation of shape, form and the amazing colours of our landscape.  When I look at snow, I no longer see a field of white but a kaleidoscope of pinks, yellows and blues.  I try to capture and interpret the beauty that surrounds us, whether it be a simple piece of fruit or an enchanting vista.”


She has had the privilege of taking courses with Henry Purdy, Sandy Komst, Linda Shaw Packard, Robert Burridge and a host of online instructors. She enjoys the challenge of discovering new ways of expressing herself and sharing her creations.


Claire Nantes hails from Charlottetown and spends a good part of the year on the Brudenell River in Kings County, PEI.

The Cliffs Call Me Home

Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 20" $175

Paddler's Perspective

Acrylic on Canvas 15" x 30" $275


Acrylic on Canvas 15" x 30" $195

Any Day Now

Acrylic on Canvas 11" x 14" $125

For The Teacher

Acrylic on Canvas 9" x 12" $95

Ripe Pear

Acrylic on Canvas 8" x 10" $85