Lynn Nimtz

Windy Rose is both my artistic name as well as the name of our ocean-front cottage on Prince Edward Island.  While the smallest Canadian province, it’s large in terms of the inspiration it gives to artists of all types.

Upcycling is a focus of some of my work in the gallery, beginning with coats made from upcycled knit tops, which have been serged with all the seams on the outside to add interesting texture to the design.  Silk from Japanese kimonos has been upcycled as well for both my silk bags and needle-felted silk boxes.  The bags are crazy quilted and embellished with decorative stitching and a beaded trim.  

My silk charmeuse scarves have been hand-dyed, then marbled using an ancient technique that creates unique patterns on the silk. They have also been beaded to add weight as well as interest to the scarf.

My latest venture has taken me away from textiles to the world of encaustic painting, a medium using heated beeswax and damar resin to which colored pigments may be added and applied to a porous substrate.  I generally use wood for the substrate, but am able to incorporate paper and other fibers on the surface before and/or after applying the beeswax and then covering with layer upon layer of additional medium to create more opaque or translucent effects.