Nancy Perkins

When I moved to the island from Massachusetts in 1984, it was an immediate bonding with the sea and soil. My brush would have a will of it’s own, moving the paints on canvas to get the moving image vibrant and true.


My interest in painting the sea began at age 5.  I saw a man painting ships and I was entranced. I started to teach myself to paint at age 14.  If I have a blank canvas, it always has to have a strip of sea on it somewhere.  As a child, I used 5 libraries to find the books of my favorite painters. Vincent Van Gogh's application of paints, thickly applied, impressed me. The emotion of Winslow Homer's seas and the detail work of Montague Dawson's Sailing Ships all influenced my own approach to painting.  These days, I enjoy finding an archival photo and putting my version of it in paint. 


Sailing ships, mermaids, surf, rocks and people at the shore have all been my subjects.  I even put sea glass in them from my hobby of sea glass collecting.


I also enjoy writing stories, quilting, jewelry making, gardening and swimming.

My paintings are in collections around the world, Prince Edward Island Provincial Art Bank, wine labels, magazine covers and in galleries.  A number of juried shows and one woman shows have made me proud.

My recent illustrations are included in two children’s books, "The Little Red Marble" and The Little Red Marble: Adventures in the Ocean by author, Terry Kerr.

I spent the winter dreaming I was under the sea playing with mermaids and enjoying whimiscal adventures.


Initially, when asked to participate,  “no I can’t” came out of my mouth, but “yes I can” happened.


So life is a path and a lot of them taken have been “yes, I can do this” and I’m still learning.