Sinikka Dixon

Sinikka and her husband Michael decided to make PEI their home, after she retired as a Professor of Sociology in Alberta in 2008.  Having lived and travelled all over the world, PEI offered the lifestyle they desired for their retirement.


Sinikka has roots in Finnish Artisan culture.  Her great aunt, grandmother and mother were masters of weaving and handicrafts.  Her father painted landscapes.  Shortly after arriving on the Island, Sinikka was introduced to the Spinners and Weavers Guild of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown and learned to weave.  This Guild promotes the knowledge of the use of this centuries old medium, the loom!


In the historical past PEI had itinerant weavers who travelled around with their looms, producing what the families needed.  Now the weavers like Sinikka create items for the home, such as shawls and throws, woollen rugs and blankets, cotton table cloths, mats, and runners.  Artisans on Main of Montague is a wonderful co-operative venture that provides outlet for Island Artisans like Sinikka.