Wayne Crouse

A Maritimer by birth, an Islander by choice, Wayne started his early years growing up in a farming community in Stewiacke East, NS.  His love of the land and nature comes naturally.

Photography began with a 110 camera and when he upgraded to his first 35mm SLR, he was well on his way to composing portraits and landscapes.  He entered the workforce after graduating from Holland College and gained the skills and experience to set off on his own.

Today finds Wayne focusing on personal portraits, capturing images that reflect the sitter's unique personality.

Out of the studio, Wayne works in all weather conditions to artistically capture the varying moods of  beautiful Prince Edward Island. His creative eye and camera become one.


Using his design experience, his second business, Red Rock Garden Services, takes him all over the island.  These days, you will catch Wayne with either a camera or a garden tool, in his hand.  Both tools of his trade.